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1990 - First generation vehicle for utility deployable applications, Research and Development for half track accessory standardization begins.


1990 - Three new patents filed


1990 - 2000 - Continued R & D and market analysis see’s 4orce technology deployable to hundreds of markets in different assemblies.


2000 - Advanced Research & Development, test and evaluation


2000 - Product line expansion - Military and Fire


2004 - 4orce Mobility launches third generation vehicle


2007 - Continued Research and Development on new UTV chassis


2008 - 4orce Mobility launches 4our Paw product line


2010 - Awarded OMEP grant to introduce lean manufacturing and quality principals


2010 - Awarded first turn-key UTV military contract


2010 - Completion of standardization of kits utilizing pure platform engineering


2011 - 4orce Mobility develops five new product lines under platform design principals increasing its install base opportunity by over 20 X, and is poised for a fast future offering performance no track system in the world can match.


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