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Ski & Tower Mounts



  • Quick in field installation
  • Curve Industries leading snowmobile performance technology
  • Wide powder tip
  • Carbide inserts
  • Color Options


ATV Sport - Mounts and Curve Industry Ski's
ATV 4 X 4 & UTV -  Mounts and Curve Industry Ski's (requires disengagement of four-wheel drive on your vehicle)
Leading Edge - Upgrade by Curve Industries - Read on for more information


All, All terrain vehicles


Tower Mounts
Steel Ring w/ vehicle Hub Pattern welded to elliptical towers

Total Weight (ea)
15 lbs.

Snow Control Profile
An exclusive profile that forms and compresses snow into rails under the snowmobile ski.

X-Beam Mounting Structure
The complex geometry on top of the snowmobile ski serves double duty as spindle mount and deflection control.

Synergy Ski Loop
A variable loop cross section allows the snowmobile ski tip to flex without impeding its movement. The loop to ski locking mechanism ensures a tight, hassle free connection.

Studboy 2198 Series 17" host bar, 4 stud pattern carbides.
Snow-Studs RM78 Series 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” Carbides

Mounting Hardware
Curve Xtremes are offered with a custom engineered hardware system that consists of choice grade zinc plated carbon and stainless steel fasteners.

Ski Upgrades
Curve Industries Leading Edge
The leading edge was developed to address slow speed and deceleration tracking on rutted hard packed or icy trails.  This adverse condition is one that has plagued single runner skis until now, because with an LE installed, the hard surface doesn’t stand a chance.  Through a full season of testing, the fundamental finding was not to use more wear bars, but simply control the one already employed.  With its aggressive keel approach angle and ingenious design, the machine ignores ruts and does not allow the carbide to find a path other than the one being made by the LE. 

The following are performance enhancements realized by the installation of a Leading Edge:
  • Perfectly straight tracking in all conditions, on all chassis, at any speed
  • Zero reduction in top speed
  • Zero increase in steering effort
  • The ability to run any standard wear bar while the LE is installed
  • Permission of the ski to maintain its flexibility characteristics
  • Aids as a first line of defense against foreign object impacts which could otherwise cause wear bar damage
Curve Industries recommends the use of an LE on Curve XS skis only.  Some chassis and riding styles may not require the use of an LE, however if the majority of riding is done at low speeds and on rutted, hard packed trails, an LE will provide the tracking of a dual runner, steering effort of a single bar, and performance of the XS ski all in one package.

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